Loon Aquel Premium Floatant

Loon Aquel Premium Floatant

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Aquel is long lasting, silicon based and won't melt when it's hot or harden when it's cold. Furthermore, it masks human odor and won't leave any oil residue on the calmest water. It is an excellent choice for all water conditions and will not spook fish.


  • Premium dry fly gel floatant
  • Silicon based
  • Won't melt or harden
  • Masks human odor

  • Specifications:


  • 1/2 oz. container
  • Flip-top

  • Directions for use:
    Prior to first cast, apply desired amount of Aquel to fly. Use fingers to work Aquel into hair and hackle. If fly becomes water logged, use powder desiccant to dry, then reapply.

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