Rapala X-Rap Scoop - Long-Casting, Sinking 5-1/2", 5'

Rapala X-Rap Scoop - Long-Casting, Sinking 5-1/2", 5'

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Rapala X-Rap Scoop is no ordinary spoon. It is the world’s leading lure manufacturer’s idea of the next generation spoon. The double-hooked, light-weight construction of the lure enables versatile use and allows the angler to develop their own style.

The swimming action of the lure is almost impossible to describe without using the word “unbelievable”. The lightweight, rattling body includes a keel that produces the unique action of the Rapala X-Rap Scoop lure. The lure’s basic action consists of a jerk-like darting from side to side at an appropriate speed. As the speed picks up, the movement becomes narrower. With a light tug, the Rapala X-Rap Scoop spoon flashes its underside toward the surface.

• Rapala X-Rap Scoop is effective for pike weighing 1–20 kg. While the lure was designed for pike, do not be surprised if a trout or salmon ends up on the business end of your X-Rap Scoop.
• Rapala lures use high-quality VMC hooks.
• All Rapala lures used by anglers around the world pass through the Rapala factory in Vääksy, which also houses the product development department. Rapala’s heart is in Vääksy!


Length cm 14 cm
Weight g 68
Brand Rapala
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