Loon Easy Dry Desiccant

Loon Easy Dry Desiccant

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Easy Dry Fly Dryer is intended for drying flies saturated from use. The treatment to revive flies is composed of two things: drying beads and blue indicator crystals. Place the fly (still attached to the leader) into the container. The fly is dry after a few quick shakes and ready for floatant. The blue indicator beads turn pink when the drying beads have become saturated and it is time to get a new bottle of Easy Dry.


  • Drying agent
  • Blue indicator beads turn pink when it's time to replace
  • Easy to use shake application
  • Large-cap opening for any size fly

  • Specifications:


  • 2 oz. container
  • Directions for use:
    Open flip lid and drop soaked fly attached to leader into container. Hold lid closed without snapping shut, and shake a few times. When blue indicator beads turn pink, replace with a new bottle of Easy Dry.
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