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TFO - NXT Outfit 4pc

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The Lefty Kreh NXT rods epitomize what TFO is all about: high performance and value. With a composite cork grip which is more durable than a traditional cork grip, an easy loading medium-fast action blank starts the series. Add in a loaded NXT GL large arbor reel with line, leader, backing and a rod case and this kit can bring it all together to get you into the sport and start catching fish.

• Medium fast action
• IM6 graphite blank with forest green finish
• Precision Blank Over Ferrule Technology
• Aluminum alloy reel seat
• Composite cork grip
• Hi-alloy stripping guides and hard chrome stainless steel snake guides

Additional features for kits:
• TFO First Cast Fly Line, Backing, and TFO 9' Standard Leader
• TFO Rod and Reel Case
• NXT Reels all spooled for left-hand retrieval

Includes 4pc. Rod, NXT GL Reel, #20lb. Backing, Wt. Forward Floating Line, 9ft. leader and 4pc. Rod case.

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