UST - Tick Wrangler

UST - Tick Wrangler

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The UST Tick Wrangler safely removes all sizes and types of ticks without having to touch the insect. It removes the entire tick – including the head – and can be used on people or pets. Knowing the type of tick will help determine if there is a risk of Lyme Disease or other types of infection.

Features and Specifications:

  • Sturdy aluminum construction will not bend, rust, crack or break - assorted colours - black, red, blue, orange

  • Includes a ruler to help identify the type of tick

  • Small size fits in your first aid kit and easily attaches to gear with the included carabiner 

  • Colour: Assorted Colours

Directions For Use:

  1. Place the Tick Wrangler’s loop end over the tick and rest on the skin, so that the tick appears in the larger end of the loop.

  2. Slide the Tick Wrangler along the skin so that the narrow end of the loop slides under the tick.

  3. Continue to slide the Tick Wrangler slightly up and away from the skin.

  4. Tick should come away from the skin easily, with head intact.

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